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Proatein Mealz

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  • Plant Protein

    Our products feature 100% plant-based protein with a full amino acid profile, including pea protein, brown rice protein, and oat protein. Made from natural ingredients, it's free from dairy, egg, gluten, lactose, and soy. Naturally sweetened, low in sugar, and free from artificial flavors, it supports muscle building, metabolic function, tissue health, immune health, and mood and sleep improvement.

  • Oats & Fiber

    Our organic, sprouted oats are gluten-free and glyphosate-free.

    Sprouting enhances protein and nutrient absorption, making it easy to digest without causing discomfort or bloat.

    Enjoy healthy bowel movements, improved blood glucose levels, increased insulin sensitivity, lower cholesterol, and enhanced satiety with our oats.

  • Seeds & Omega 3s

    Our product combines sprouted chia and flax seeds, offering fiber, calcium, and Omega-3 fatty acids. Sprouting boosts digestibility and nutrient absorption, providing more vitamins and minerals than unsprouted seeds.

    It aids in reducing inflammation, muscle protein breakdown, soreness, and supports heart, brain, joint, and muscle health.

  • Vitamins D3+K2

    Combat vitamin D deficiency with our vegan Vitamin D3 and K2 in MK7 form. Vitamin D3 aids calcium absorption, while K2 ensures it reaches your bones, not arteries. MK7 is the bioactive form of vitamin K, promoting heart and joint flexibility, calcium regulation, heart health, bone health, immunity, skin health, and testosterone improvement.

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  • Pour meal into a bowl, container or jar.
  • Add 1/2 cup - 3/4 cup milk and stir well.
  • Cover, refrigerate overnight and consume the next day.
  • Add any toppings of choice.


  • Pour meal into a bowl.
  • Slowly add in fluid of choice and stir well until desired consistency reached.
  • Add any toppings of choice.


  • Pour meal into blender.
  • Add some ice and milk of choice.
  • Add any fresh fruit (use frozen fruit instead of ice if desired).
  • Blend until smooth consistency reached.


  • Pour meal into a bowl.
  • Add about 3/4 cup - 1 cup fluid of choice and mix well.
  • Heat on high for 90 seconds.
  • Add extra fluid if needed to reach desired consistency.
  • Add any toppings of choice.


  • Pour meal into a bowl.
  • Slowly add hot water and mix until desired consistency is reached.
  • Keep covered for 2-3 minutes.
  • Add toppings of choice.